So let’s go low-carbon…

November 20th, 2012 atam Posted in Animal welfare, Climate change, Earth, Greenwash | No Comments »

Ocean Butcher Co has announced that its shark-finning fleet has become one of the most low-carbon in the world.

It has replaced aged vessels with new ones made with a combination of salvaged wood and recycled plastic. At the same time, it has switched to low-sulphur fuel, with older but still serviceable vessels retrofitted with new, cleaner-burning engines at a cost of US$2 million. New vessels are delivered with more energy-efficient engines as standard.

These efforts are estimated to reduce the fleet’s carbon emissions by 400 tonnes a year and also substantially reduce the level of respirable particulates generated. Ocean Butcher’s fleet is now not only more environmentally-friendly, it is also more efficient: sharks caught and fins cut by the fleet have increased 20% year-on-year, boosting the company’s profit to US$300 million.

If the above satire seems absurd and outrageous, why isn’t Ocean Park’s latest announcement concerning its becoming “the world’s first low-carbon emissions theme park”?

Marine animals confined to small pools and trained to perform unnatural acts to entertain park visitors, which have probably gone crazy from a life of captivity following human-imposed routines, have apparently been treated to more energy-efficient life support systems. Their environment is now as highly regulated as their lives, with the flow of every breath of fresh air and every drop of water monitored by computer. The wonders of technology!

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