Wonder how climate change comes about?

May 27th, 2013 atam Posted in Animal welfare, Climate change, Earth, Greenwash | No Comments »

Doing some marketing for his employer, Ocean Park polar curator Philip Wong told the press recently that the polar programme at the theme park carries an environmental message about climate change.

Yeah right.

One wonders how much electricity is consumed by the park, which also boasts a “carbon management” plan, to maintain a sufficiently cold environment for the polar animals it keeps on display, and therefore how much greenhouse gases is emitted as a direct result of the park holding a bunch of penguins and seals captive in sub-tropical Hong Kong.

The icebergs sure are melting, but they wouldn’t melt quite so fast if we’re not pumping more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in the name of entertainment – oh sorry, that’s supposed to read “educating the public on the effects of climate change”.

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