Have a banana instead!

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A drugs manufacturer has issued a global recall for a product used to treat people with insufficient potassium. Which makes one wonder: why do people have to pop a pill to make up for a lack of potassium? Can’t they eat a banana instead? Or a potato, or avocado, or even just some baked beans?

Our world is getting truly surreal. Production lines are being set up at great cost to make even bigger profits out of making things that we can get for free or far more cheaply. People are not just prescribed potassium tablets when they can get it from the foods mentioned above, but also artificially manufactured vitamin D pills when they can just stick some skin out under the sun for 15 minutes a day (alternate the arms if you’re worried about premature wrinkling; not that 15 minutes would do much harm) so that their bodies can manufacture their own.

When we fail to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly, the solution apparently is to medicalise the problem rather than to change our lifestyle. And because we’d rather pop pills than eat healthily and exercise, the pharmaceutical industry makes billions that would be much better spent improving conditions for millions in developing countries where people still suffer from cholera, dysentery and malaria.

Of course, it suits the industry that we prefer to pop pills rather than take care of ourselves. When we suffer chronic lifestyle diseases, guess who profits?

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  1. I had a very similar conversation with a friend just few days ago.

    He told me that when he goes hiking, he prefers taking one of these “energy drink” because the body apparently absorbs them faster than water, which is great if you’re dehydrated (and with the current heat in HK, that’s quite easy).

    I found this baffling, because clearly the solution is to drink water **before** you get dehydrated, not to swallow some crap that might rehydrate you quickly but ends up killing you in the long term (if only by the quantity of sugar in these things)

    I told him, and it seemed like he couldn’t accept this, that “obviously”, he’s going to end up dehydrated sooner or later, and will “need” one of these drinks. :-/

    I guess that’s what fear-inducing mass-advertisement gets you…

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