Sustainable seafood

July 12th, 2013 atam Posted in Climate change, Earth, Food | No Comments »

More people are aware of the cruelty of the shark’s fin trade now, to the extent that some young people say they won’t have it at banquets. But what about the humble tuna? There is no shocking video showing what fishermen do to the tuna they catch like the shocking sharks videos, but tuna is also a big fish that is essential to the marine ecosystem and the oceans are rapidly running out of them.

In fact, the oceans are rapidly running out of more and more types of fish, as WWF’s updated sustainable seafood guide shows. Some that were OK to eat in the last edition of the guide have been moved up to the “Avoid” category now. The ones that caught my eye are those that one doesn’t have to go to a seafood restaurant for a special dinner to have; they’re the salmon and tuna that you get from any sandwich outlets. If we consider that the prawns and shrimps that go into every dim sum in Hong Kong are under the “Avoid” category, the situation is dire indeed.

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