Vertical farming comes to Tai Po

July 22nd, 2013 atam Posted in Building, Food, General | No Comments »

Someone’s proposed building vertical farms that they claim will produce enough vegetables to feed the whole of Hong Kong, without even using soil.

And there are futuristic artist’s impressions to show what they’d look like. Except, of course, they kind of work like those property sales brochures where they show you the views minus surrounding developments. If Tai Po is this open, wouldn’t it be more resource-efficient to just farm on the ground? If Tai Po is set to be as crowded as Kowloon, would there be enough sunlight to grow the vegetables, whichever direction the floor slabs turn? The idea of these structures puncturing the landscape isn’t exactly appealing either.

Rather than separate vertical farms, how ’bout incorporating them into habitable buildings? Green the urban landscape. Give people the space to grow their own. You could even have whole residential estates designed with balcony farms and sell the flats to green fingers so they don’t have to price out organic farmers in their search for plots to grow their own vegetables.



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