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Here’s a documentary about a captive orca whale that killed a trainer at Seaworld in Orlando, Florida, in the US. If anyone’s going to make any kind of connection between the suffering of this whale and the suffering of captive marine animals in general, you know who we’re going to hear from.

Dolphins and sharks may not be as big as whales but if you compare their natural range with what they get to swim in within the confines of a theme park pool, it’s not hard to imagine they too suffer from the same psychosis.

The recent death of six hammerhead sharks at Ocean Park was put down to a problem with an ozone machine, but not everyone was convinced that was the real cause. And what about the way marine animals were captured, for breeding and to entertain? Seaworld justified the capture of marine animals in the name of “education” and “conservation”. Does that sound familiar?

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