Paying the price for a concrete jungle

July 23rd, 2015 atam Posted in Climate change, Earth | No Comments »

Remember the days when the government simply sprayed shotcrete over dangerous slopes to prevent them from collapsing?

I even remember an interlude, after one too many protests over the ugly grey shotcrete all over what are supposed to be green areas, they started adding purple to their shotcrete mix. At least, that must have been what happened given the interesting colour scheme of some slopes that were repaired during that time.

And then, finally, the government moved on. They started to invest in more aesthetically pleasing and plant-friendly methods of slope stabilisation, building retaining walls with planters and using wire meshes along with soil nails to hold up slopes so roots can still breathe.

Alas, the damage has been done. Over the years that the government had shotcreted slopes, they were also aggressively strangling the trees, ostensibly spraying the shotcrete around them but leaving rings so small that tree trunks can’t grow and roots can’t get the nutrients they need. Now, after years of struggling on limited nutrients, some trees just don’t have the strength to withstand storms anymore.

But what does the government do when another tree falls and injures people? Blame the rain.

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