Green NGOs

Here’s a list of green NGOs in Hong Kong, with a brief description of the focus of their work:

Care for Our Community
District design
Clear the Air
Air pollution
Conservancy Association
Heritage conservation
Friends of the Earth HK
Renewable energy, excessive packaging, household conservation, recycling schemes
Green Lantau Association
Lantau Island’s natural environment
Energy conservation, food safety
Green Power
Nature conservation, renewable energy
Green Sense
Building density, waste minimisation
Green Student Council
No plastic bag, recycling schemes
Heritage Watch
Cultural and architectural heritage
Hong Kong Organic Farming Association
Organic farming
Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden
Nature conservation
Save Our Shorelines
Coastal development
Save the Street Market
Preserving open bazaars and wet markets
SEE Network
Sustainable development
WorldWide Fund for Nature
Marine conservation