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Stray cats have a tough life They often provide an unacknowledged service by controlling the number of rats and other pests in the areas where they live, which is why those living near wet markets and food stalls are often unofficially adopted by stall owners. However, they are often subject to abuse. "Tripod" tells their story and the effort of those involved in the Cat Colony Care Programme to help them.

Buy the book to support the SPCA's CCCP as well as the volunteers who devote their time and resources to the programme.

流浪貓經常對人類作出無聲的貢獻,在他們生活的地方,控制老鼠和其他害蟲的數量,從 而受到食品店及熟食檔主的愛戴。 但是,他們卻經常受到虐待。「三腳架的故事」,講述他們以及參與貓雙領域護理計劃的義工的故事。

請閱讀他們的故事,了解更多關於流浪貓的生活,並捐款幫助貓雙領域護理計劃的義工, 令他們可以幫助更多的流浪貓。


Please consider donating money to support the volunteers' work. While your donation to charities such as the SPCA will help fund the cost of operations, veterinary care, etc, the money you donate here will be allocated to volunteers to help them pay for visits to the vets, food for the cat colonies and the transport costs involved in bringing the cats to the SPCA for their desexing operations.

As we are not a listed charity, your donation will not be tax-deductible. However, no administrative cost will be deducted from your donation. We hope you would consider helping us in this endeavour.

請考慮捐款支持義工。您的捐款,將用來支持志願者的工作,其中包括帶流浪貓看獸醫、 為貓隻領域計劃流浪貓提供食物、以及運送流浪貓到香港愛護動物協會接受絕育等。

由於我們祇是一小撮有心人而非註冊的慈善機構,所以你的捐款將不是免税的。但所有捐 款將不會有任何行政費用,並會全數捐贈予志願者。希望你能夠踴躍幫助我們為流浪貓義工作一點心意。

Tripod story

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請按鈕捐款予義工。 US$50足夠大約15隻貓一個月的糧食, US$30足夠大約8隻貓一個月的糧 食, US$10足夠大約4隻貓一星期的糧食。
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